Building a new me

A Student talks about their work out schedule, and how going to the gym has shaped and affected them as a person.


Evan Tropnas

David Nappi (‘24) incorporates lifting weights in his workouts. He goes to the gym six days a week, for around 45 minutes each day. “My bench press is 265 on my deadlift, my best deadlift is 315, and my best squat is about 350,” Nappi said.

Bella Melby-Mazzei, sports editor

The sound of weights clanging against the floor, and the use of gym equipment can be heard throughout the gym. Many students have taken up the hobby of going to the gym in hopes of bettering themselves and their lives. David Nappi (‘24) is one of the people, sticking to a workout schedule for each week.

   “I work out six times a week. I have one and a half rest days. I usually have one day where I ease out a little bit. Usually my sessions are 45 minutes to an hour. I don’t like to be in the gym for a long time, so I like to get what I need to get done and go.” Nappi said.

   Nappi works towards improving the intensity of his workout each day he goes to the gym.

   “My goal is to have as much as intensity as possible and be able to feel the muscle that I’m working and to also just lift as much weight as I possibly can while using good form,” Nappi said.

   Working out has been proven to have a lot of positive effects on not only one’s body, but also their mind as well. This statement is true in regards to Nappi’s workouts, and the effects that they have had on him.

   “It’s definitely made me a lot more mentally tougher. It’s made me have a better outlook on life because when you’re in the gym and you’re working out as hard as possible, and you’re putting yourself through pain it carries on throughout life and your daily life. So I face challenges more head on now than I would if I didn’t live,” Nappi said.

   If Nappi could improve in one thing throughout his workouts, it would have been to stretch before each workout, which is very important when it comes to working out.

   “It’s like stretching and doing enough therapy work and all that because a lot of teenager lifters forget to take care of their joints, they forget the warm up all the time, they forget to do things properly, and it affects you in the long run and I definitely wouldn’t have the injuries I have now if I took care of my body more,” Nappi said.

   Nappi tends to go to the gym on his own but he has tried to convince his friends to join him by going and working out with him.

“I actually try and influence my friends to work as much as possible to the point where sometimes it gets annoying. But there are a lot of people that I know that workout and I do go to the gym with them very often. I’d rather train alone. I actually like it better. But I do have a select community of people that I go to the gym with all the time,” Nappi said.

   Going to the gym and working out has changed so many people’s lives, and it will continue to do so. Nappi will continue to stick to his workout schedule to work on improving his strength overall.