A black and gold blast from the past

Seeing where Mitchell alumni’s are today.


Karma Eltelety, Staffer

In the year 2000 the school opened and has since seen 22 classes graduate and step into the ‘real world.’ However, once the graduates move on, while they are by no means forgotten, their current life and the path it is taking is unknown. Sierra Zambo, part of Mitchell’s 2017 graduating class, discusses what she has been up to.

“I graduated in 2017 and went to USF in the fall completing a four year bachelor degree in criminology.” Zambo said.

Choosing a college to attend comes with its own stress but picking a major is said to be even more stressful. When asked why she decided to major in criminology, Zambo said it was because she had always been interested in criminal investigation and hoped to make a career out of it. The 2017 graduate shares her belief in the idea that the career you choose should be something that brings joy and satisfaction.

“Do what makes you happy. Take your time and consider a career choice that will be most rewarding for you. Work hard to achieve your goals and shape your future the way you want it to be.” Zambo said.

While it is good to know where your interests lay before college it is most definitely not a necessity. Russell Khan, a 2017 graduate, talks about how he switched not only his major but also his college.

“At USF I majored in geography,” Khan said. “I actually transferred to FSU after two years at USF and switched my major to meteorology, I’m graduating this semester.”

Khan opens up about how he believes college is the time to figure things out and gives an encouraging word to current students.

“You definitely do not need to go in with a set mind, college is completely different from high school. You learn more about yourself and your interests, if you have a set mind on what you want to do that is great but if you do not that is completely fine too, it’s not the end of the world. There is a whole bunch of new experiences waiting for you all that will shape who you want to become,” Khan said.

Lindsey Kerigan, class of 2019, shares her story about how she got lost navigating through the waters that are life experiences but then found her way again.

“I graduated in 2019, I started that fall at PHSC starting with general education classes. Once Covid hit and shut down the colleges I took a short break after that semester.” Kerigan said.

There are many options to choose from after graduating high school. University, joining the job force, trade school and many others. Kerigan talks about how she left PHSC and began working a trade instead.

“When covid was going on all classes switched to online and I started failing basic classes because I couldn’t keep my focus.” Kerigan said. “In May of 2021 I started culinary school at Keiser University–  I’ve learned so much and absolutely love what I do and working a trade rather than a desk job is amazing.”

The road after being a part of the Mustang Nation can be different for all. However at the end of the day, as the mentioned alumni’s have said, life has a way of unfolding and figuring itself out. Leaving off on an uplifting note, Kerigan shares a word of advice.

“Follow your dreams and never do anything because someone told you to. You are your own person and if you believe in what you love you will succeed!” Kerigan said,