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The Hoofbeat

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Mustang Press consists of The Hoofbeat newspaper and The Stampede yearbook at J.W. Mitchell High School.
Contact Info:
Shannon Gigantelli, Adviser
[email protected]
J.W. Mitchell High School
2323 Little Road
Trinity, FL 34652
(727) 389-0114
The Hoofbeat editorial policy

Published four times a school year, the student newspaper of J.W. Mitchell High School is a public forum with its student editorial board making all the decisions concerning its contents. Unsigned editorials express the views of the majority of the editorial board.

Letters to the editor are welcomed and will be published as space allows. Letters must be signed, although the staff may withhold the name upon request. The paper reserves the right to edit letters for grammar and clarity, and all letters are subject to laws governing obscenity, libel, privacy, and disruption of the school process, as are all contents of the paper. Opinions of letters are not necessarily those of the staff nor should any opinion expressed in a public forum be construed as the opinion or policy of the school administration unless attributed. Send letters to [email protected]

The Stampede editorial policy

The Stampede yearbook is a student publication and we work to create a perfect yearbook for the student body. In a book of this size, some errors are bound to occur, keeping in mind our book was finished through distance learning. Thank you for your understanding. If for some reason, a student’s portrait is not in the book, this is not a valid reason for a refund as we advertise these dates numerous times in advance. If you have any suggestions for improvement, we welcome your ideas in writing. These can be submitted to the yearbook staff at  [email protected]

Mustang Press Name/Pronoun policy

In order to be fair and consistent to all students, our policy is to print students’ preferred names and gender pronouns from MyStudent in our publications. Alternative names/pronouns must be requested via email to [email protected] from the parent/guardian, or student if they are 18+.  All efforts to use preferred names and pronouns will be used if requested by Sept. 1 for the newspaper and Dec. 1 for the yearbook.

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