Painting a different picture

Alyssa King (’24) stands out with her one and only way of creating.


This two-toned painting created by Alyssa King (’24) highlights her skilled use and understanding of color. Not only were paints used, but she also took a more unique approach to add detail by stabbing holes in bits of the canvas and burning other areas.

Breanna Valentine, staffer

Starting at just four years old, Alyssa King (’24) discovered her passion for the arts. She touches a multitude of different styles but tends to focus on psychedelic-influenced paintings.

“I kinda just paint what I feel…I was always creative when I was growing up. I have always been into colors and I used to color a lot when I was little,” King stated. “I’ve just always been about painting. Even if it was just a little smiley face, I loved it.”

She has a passion for creating and always being outside the box, avoiding doing anything that has been done before. Her true personality is the centerpiece of her work. King’s most notable piece depicts a two-colored skull painting which shows off her skills and techniques for shading, blending, and perspective.

“When I have inspiration for a piece, I want to make it my own. I don’t want to do the same thing that someone else does. I put my own interpretation in it which is 100% my goal,” King said. “I definitely want to do this in the future.”

After King builds up her portfolio and gets back into creating more, she has the intention of sharing her art with the world through social media. She has been able to maintain a balance of academics and art throughout the school year but looks forward to taking a deeper focus in the summer.

“I want to start doing that, but school is my main priority right now so. So I’d like to, but not right now.”

The music and nature-inspired paintings leave an impact on all viewers. King’s art journey will be one to follow in the future as she practices and learns more. She is taking 2-D studio art as a class currently but this is not the end.