Peace in originality

With an affinity for the extraordinary and tedious attention to detail, student artist Zak Tracy (‘24) finds peace and calm in creating.

Uma Limaye, staffer

Tracy’s art journey began in his second grade classroom, where he illustrated and wrote about an animal of his choice for a class book,

“I also illustrated the cover of the book and I thought I was pretty good at art, so I just kept practicing and got good at it” said Tracy.

Tracy’s primary mediums are graphite and colored pencil, and he likes to draw from life, mainly focusing on photorealistic portraits. Tracy discusses how his mindset has influenced his art and stylistic preferences,

“I have a very set in reality and logical mindset, and it’s really hard for me to create random things from my head, but I do like to be experimental and challenge myself,” said Tracy.

Tracy also notes how the most important thing he has learned from art is to prioritize creating and embrace originality,

“Looking around in 2023, any new movie, show, song, is either a sequel or a remake, and no one makes anything new anymore— it’s sad,” Tracy said,

Valuing originality and embracing the experimental elements of his work, Tracy reflects on his art and remarks that he finds a lot of peace in creating, spending hours at a time on detailed pieces,

“My mindset is brought to peace by doing something tedious and detail-oriented that I have to focus in on.”