Goodbye extra days off

Students discuss their thoughts on losing smaller holidays off from school.


Bella Melby-Mazzei

After the Weekly School Messenger Call was sent out for the week of Jan. 8th, students and parents learn of the new starting time. They also learn that there will be no more half-days or extra small holidays off.

Bella Melby-Mazzei, Sports editor

Ever since Hurricane Nicole passed through Florida in Nov. most schools have had to make decisions on what to do to make up for those lost days. While all schools have different procedures, Mitchell has changed school start times four minutes forward, and taken away the rest of the half-days and all smaller holidays.

Julie Holden (‘24) feels that there were other ways for the school to make up these off hurricane days.

“All they had to do was make us come to school a day or two extra from Christmas break. Then we get our half days, which was my favorite part of this whole school,” Holden said.

These changes throughout school for the rest of the year have left impacts on some students.

“It’s harder for me to wake up because I do have to wake up early and leave 20 minutes earlier to get here on time, and to beat the traffic outside of school, because the traffic is horrible,” Holden said.

So, while these changes might be minor to some students, for others they want things to go back to normal.

“I think the school should definitely change it back to the way it was and just give us a few days back and make us come to school. The half days made it better because I always had something to look forward to,” Holden said.

Most students, like Mackenzie Tucker (‘26), find having the extra holidays taken away could have been avoided, if the school had made a different decision about the makeup days.

“I don’t like it, because those are the days that I got to leave school early and have a break from school. They could have added more time or five minutes to the schedule,” Tucker said.