Learning to lead

Members of the Pasco Youth Leadership program remain involved in the local community while creating a team structure.

Ashley Hoskins, co-editor-in-chief

Meeting every month to go on field trips in the area, The Youth Leadership of Pasco County comes together as a community with a range of age groups and includes 35 members from different high schools. Having one common goal, students get involved in the local community as helpers for the future generation. Specifically, Ava Mance (‘23) gains experience by visiting businesses around Pasco while meeting others to help shape our community

“Over the next few months we will be visiting the government, detention, and medical centers to become aware of what happens in our community. The culture is based on your own achievements and what you can do for your local community, in this case, Pasco County,” Mance said.

After doing further research and touring facilities, Taylor Biscardi (‘22) learned the process of getting involved in the program.

“I joined because I’m a senior this year and I felt it was a great opportunity to get to explore the different jobs in Pasco County and see if maybe that would be something that catches my interest and possibly a future career. It is all about networking and becoming familiar with your community,” Biscardi said.

Even though there are many members in the program, Biscardi feels close-knit and motivated with every one to create a positive environment in order to remain leaders for Pasco County while developing communication skills.

“The culture is very encouraging and everyone pushes each other to keep going. We sometimes discuss networking and how to start simple conversations with others to see if we have any connections and put our name out there,” Biscardi said.

Biscardi and Mance are joined by Emma Diehl (‘22), making Mitchell one of only two schools to have three representatives in the Youth Leadership Pasco Program. Go check out leadershippasco.com for further updates on The Youth Leadership of Pasco County and what they’re doing in the community.