Working at Walsworth workshops

The Stampede editors went to Orlando for Elite Weekend to figure out their plans for the yearbook.


Olivia Hunt

The Stampede editors went to Orlando for Elite Weekend to figure out their plans for the yearbook.

Alexa Grubbs, editor

From Sept. 10-12, the Stampede yearbook editors ventured to Orlando for the Walsworth Elite Weekend, where they worked on theme ideas for this year’s yearbook and covered new design trends. Last year, the event was held online via Zoom, and therefore many editors didn’t get to attend, making this year their first time participating. The occasion happened at the Caribe Royale Orlando. During daily workshops over the three-day event, the yearbook editors had the opportunity to learn and work. One of two sports editors for the yearbook, Ava Cornett (‘23) attended.

“We spent our time listening to speakers as they gave us presentations about different techniques and methods we could use for the yearbook to make it better, so that includes going on interviews, taking photos, and writing,” Cornett said.

Stampede business manager, Colson Gantt (‘22), also went to the event for the first time this year.

“I would say the photography workshop was my favorite because I’m not the best at photography and could always use more information on it, and it’s nice to learn about, since I still have to take pictures the whole year,” Gantt said.

One of the two Editor-In-Chiefs (EIC) this year, Cate Miller (‘22), with her co-EIC Kole Kemple (‘22), were in charge of presenting their theme idea to journalism experts.

“Kole and I had come up with a theme and a basis for how we wanted the year to look and then we presented it to them on Friday, and then on Friday and Saturday night there were trainers and judges around the room and they helped critique us and overall helped the pieces fall into place. So it helped us develop the theme and different design aspects, and it was also a team-bonding experience for all the editors because we spent more than 48 hours with each other,” said Miller.

Overall, Walsworth Elite weekend was a successful event for the yearbook editors as they now have a solidified theme. If you are interested in purchasing a yearbook, make sure to buy it on Rycor before December to only pay $80.