The Melting Pot

By Josh Wagner

   America, often referred to as the “melting pot” of the world, serves as a home to people from different countries, races, and religions. From its beginnings, this country has been a place of immigration, diversity, and cultural uniqueness. Students at our school decided to bring that diversity here, and The Melting Pot Club was born.

“I noticed that our school wasn’t really diverse at all, and I thought it would be cool to have a club that promotes culture, different backgrounds, and diversity,” Nurah Koney- Laryea (‘17), founder of The Melting Pot Club, said.

This recently established club month in room 811 at 3:00 p.m., to discuss, present, and plan out their actions.

   “[At each meeting] discuss represents and ways to get support for that country. At the end we take a vote, and whichever country gets the most votes is who we donate all the money we have collected throughout the year to,” Hunter Tobey (‘18), a Melting Pot

The club not only promotes student awareness of many other cultures, but also helps countries that need support and a helping hand.

   “The main thing we are going donate, not necessarily just straight money, but supplies: medical supplies, food, stuff like that,” Tobey said.

The Melting Pot Club is stewed up with students and numerous cultures. The club has students representing Puerto Rico, India, Greece, Ghana, and many more.

“I am Greek-Italian, but I like to show my Greek side more because it is a less represented culture at the school,” Tia Marchiselli (‘17) said.

The club is a way for students to shed light onto their culture and heritage, which may not be as easily shown in the school otherwise. The Melting Pot Club offers many ways to get involved in something other than schoolwork or sports, discovering cultures apart from one’s own.

   “I think joining the club is a good idea if you want to learn more about other cultures, other backgrounds, and diversity,” Koney-Laryea said.

Students that want to know more about joining the club can see Ms. Daniel in room additional information.