Nighty Night Knights: 5 years asleep

Varsity football team maintains 5-year winning streak against rival, River Ridge.


emma diehl

The offense line prepares to snap the ball during the fourth quarter against River Ridge. Photo by: Emma Diehl

Aerial Stonis, Staff Reporter

 On Friday, September 3, 2021, players on the varsity football team defeated River Ridge High School by a score of 28-0. The team continued Mitchell’s winning streak against River Ridge since 2016.   

Carter Fields (‘23) increased their score from 7-0 to 13-0 by scoring a touchdown in the second quarter. A lot of pressure was put on the team considering all the pre-game rivalry talk and the long-standing winning streak against River Ridge.  

“There was a lot at stake because we like to talk trash to each other, and if we didn’t win, we would be down for a long time. I felt good because it was a really close game during the beginning, and I felt like after I scored it really gave us the boost to win,” Fields said. 

Robbie Mirabile (‘22) prepared as he always does by watching his old films and training hard at practice to correct his mistakes. Mirabile showed off his hard work in the last quarter by scoring a touchdown. 

 “I felt relieved because they were talking a bunch of trash, and It just felt good to show them that I could do what they said I couldn’t do,” Mirabile said. 

Linebacker, Niko Ferraro (‘24) made their last touchdown in the fourth quarter with four minutes to go by intercepting the ball from the River Ridge quarterback. Ferraro hit a milestone by scoring his first high school touchdown as a sophomore.  

“It was a lot of great feelings going through my head. First touchdown, it just felt amazing. It happened because people in the backfield hit the player and I was just in the right place at the right time,” Ferraro said. 

As of Sept. 9, the team maintained a perfect record. Come out and support this team as they go onto face Wiregrass Ranch High School away on Sept. 10. Tickets are $6.00 on 

The offense line prepares to snap the ball during the fourth quarter against River Ridge. Photo by: Emma Diehl