Homecoming Football Frenzy

by Kelsey Williams


Photo courtesy of Laura Luter
Students stood shoulder to shoulder, rain drizzling down from the overcast sky. They screamed as the football team entered the field. The adrenaline pumped as students came together to cheer on their team against the River Ridge Knights. They stood on the bleachers for hours, cramped together as one body, cheering on every tackle. Through the rain and cold winds they remained one, pumping up the team while the guest score rose. Even in the final minutes, when victory was out of reach the Stang Gang remained to support the Mustangs through the loss. We came together as a school, we bled black and gold, we were proud to be apart of this school. That’s what it means to be a Mustang. “Huge shoutout to our very own JWMHS Football Team. After the game ended, the look on their faces was nothing but sheer defeat. Everybody expected the team to walk off the field with shame weighing them down; however, past losing, the football team decided to stay kneeled on the sidelines, and watch their always supporting marching band perform their marching performance. From beginning to end. Respect,” said Matthew Parachini (‘14).