Indoor Percussion heads to WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.


Heather Goldstein

Flora Voit (’24) portrays the strict teacher, Rita Ratamacue, with a stiff body and stern face, showing the character’s commitment to keeping the children ordinary.

Uma Limaye, Staffer

Just a few weeks ago, Indoor Percussion took home 5th place at the FFCC (Florida Federation of Color guards

Circuit) Championships at Daytona Beach and now are turning all their attention to preparing for the WGI (Winter Guard International) World Championships in Dayton Ohio. Indoor Percussion is a percussion-instrument-based ensemble that takes elements of theater and marching to tell a story. A member of Indoor Percussion, Laura Thapaliya (‘24) discusses the story the ensemble is telling this year, titled, “Rita Ratamacue’s School for Ordinary Children.”

“Our show is basically about a group of school kids who have this really mean and strict teacher who wants them to be in line, obedient, and well, ordinary…the story goes that we rise up against her, and banish her into the chalkboards in her classroom because we want to have fun and be unique and creative,” Thapaliya said.

Thapaliya is part of the front ensemble or the group of stationary instruments at the front. The front ensemble usually consists of mallet instruments, synthesizers, and auxiliary instruments. Abbey Herbage (’23) is a member of the visual ensemble. The visual ensemble consists of performers who do not play instruments, rather, they tell the story through acting and movement. Herbage reflects on how the ensemble continues to prepare for World Championships.

“Through working as a team we’ve established a strict practice schedule. Weekly sectionals and rehearsals are where we bond the most and overcome the most hurdles. After coming off of states, the ensemble is vigorously working and pushing to achieve greatness… we’ve learned to trust each other and rely on each other to perform efficiently,” Herbage said.

Through their achievements and hard work, the ensemble has moved up a class, meaning they are now competing with higher-level groups.

“Even though we didn’t end up with the exact placement we would have wanted we were competing in a higher class which was an achievement in itself… since the start of the season, we have made big improvements in performance every member of the ensemble has to step outside of their comfort zone… it’s come so far since the first day,” said Thapaliya.

Flora Voit (‘24) is also a member of the visual ensemble and plays Rita Ratamacue, she talks about her emotions as the ensemble is entering its final stretch of practices before the final show.

“I’m super excited for the opportunity to travel and perform our show… everyone has been working so hard to perfect the show, and I’m sure our next performance will be our best one yet,”  said Voit.

With Dayton, Ohio, on the horizon for the end of April, Indoor Percussion continues working hard to ensure their performance is extraordinary.