Steady hands, endless ambition

Performing complex choreographies, colorguard works towards perfecting their winter shows.

Uma Limaye, staffer

Mesmerizing the audience with intricate flag choreography and saber tosses, colorguard is now in preparation for their winter shows. The Varsity winter guard is performing their show, “Diamonds in the Rough” and the Junior Varsity’s show is “Far Away.”

Colorguard is performing art that blends the use of equipment such as flags, sabers, and rifles with dance to produce a carefully choreographed show that interprets their music. A member of the Varsity team and colorguard leadership, Courtney James (‘24), explains colorguard’s transformation from marching season to winter guard,

“Winter guard takes place in the 2nd half of the school year when the guard breaks off from the band after marching season to compete separately, typically in a school gymnasium or in an indoor arena. Our school competes on the state level through FFCC [Florida Federation of Colorguards Circuit] and nationally through WGI [Winter Guard International] against hundreds of schools, making it very competitive,” said James.

Every year, winter guard picks a theme and formulates a show around it, this show contains different formations and choreographies that are not just limited to dance but also include flag and rifle. Dayanna Rogers (‘23) another member of the Varsity winter guard and colorguard leadership, as well as a 2023 FFCC featured performer for the school’s circuit, discusses their show and team’s progress on it, “Diamonds in the Rough,”

“Our show is about being more than meets the eye, as a team we are working on getting better at the choreography we currently have and new skills,” said Rogers.

Ariana Beacham (‘25), one of the JV captains elaborates more on their show, “Far Away,” which is about fresh starts and becoming a new person and how she has seen personal growth,

“Colorguard has helped me grow as a person by teaching us how to be confident and how to learn from the mistakes we have made,” Beacham said.

Due to the competitiveness of colorguard, the team is constantly pushing themselves to new limits, all in the hopes of performing an award-winning show at the championship, which will take place in March at Daytona Beach. James notes how much the team bonds over collective progress,

“My favorite part about colorguard is the bond we have as a team and how we all push each other to improve,” said James.

Additionally, guard members particularly note the strong bond they have with their coaches, discussing how they guide their personal and team growth, as well as form connections with the members,

“My favorite part about colorguard is making new bonds and having a team and coaches we can trust and make memories with,” said Beacham.

Rogers expands on this, noting her personal growth, and adding that one of her favorite parts about colorguard is forming connections with her team and seeing their growth,

“Colorguard has helped me grow as a person as it has taught me how hard work pays off and that any goals I have, I can accomplish if I put my mind to it, my favorite part about colorguard is getting to spend time spinning with my closest friends and getting to watch us grow as performers,” Rogers said.

Colorguard has already proved themselves to be an accomplished group of individuals, performing well with the marching band and on their own during the winter season,

“Last year, varsity was able to make it to finals at world championships in Dayton, Ohio and this year we are working on building upon that success by adding more difficult tricks to our shows so that we can be even more successful when we return in 2024,” James said.

With colorguard being an important part of her high school experience, James reflects on the time she’s spent with her team,

“Something guard has taught me that I will always remember is to try new things even if they seem out of your capabilities. Many times when I am learning a new toss, it might seem dangerous or impossible, but with practice, I am always able to surprise myself,” James said.

Winter guard is now preparing for the 2023 state championships in March at Daytona Beach.