The return of the Mandalorian

The Mandalorian returns for a third season. Students discuss their thoughts and theories.


Jonathan Arce, staffer

On Jan 16, 2023, the official Star Wars YouTube channels released the official trailer for The Mandalorian season three. The show began back in 2019 and takes place between Return of the Jedi (1983) and The Book of Boba Fett (2021). This show follows the Mandalorian, a bounty hunter played by Pedro Pascal who goes rogue protecting the Force-sensitive child Grogu. This new trailer for the show has many fans excited and looking forward to the future of the show, and the future of the Star Wars universe.

There were many things to love about both seasons one and two of the show. Rick Ryder (‘26) enjoyed some of the key plot points of both seasons.

“My favorite part of season 1 is the first battle to save Grogu for a bounty, and [The Mandalorian] ends up keeping him. My favorite part of season 2 is [the Mandalorian] getting the dark saber, because it will be a great plot for upcoming seasons or upcoming projects,” Ryder said.

Another student, Jessica Marino (‘25) liked the inclusion of other Star Wars universe characters throughout the show.

“My favorite part of the first two seasons was the inclusion of the other characters, and seeing their point of view on things we didn’t get to see in the films,” Marino said.

In every trailer, there are hidden easter eggs spread throughout. Quentin Parkes (‘25) noticed that there was an inclusion of an important moment in the Star Wars universe in the trailer.

“Based on the trailer I think season three will be just as great as the others. I noticed that Order 66 was in the trailer which is awesome,” Parkes said.

Every new trailer springs up new theories for what may happen. Both Quentin Parkes and Rick Ryder share their theories on what they believe will happen.

“My prediction is Mando will start his own army and eventually stray from his strict ways of being a Mandolorian and create a new Mandalorian generation,” Ryder said.

“I think Din will maybe meet the Death Watch, and hopefully Grogu will learn to use the force better,” Parkes said.

The Mandalroian season three releases the first of a weekly eight episode series on Mar 1, 2023 on Disney+.