The Valentine’s Day itinerary.

What to do for Valentine’s Day and future plans from students.


Breanna Valentine

Emery Julian (’24) and Adriana Richardson (’24) start their Valentine’s Day festivities early with a heart-shaped donut surprise before school. “We’re the cutest,” remarked Julian.

Breanna Valentine, Staffer

Love is in the air. Young romances are lively and thriving especially as Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. However, it can be challenging to find a place to go with your special someone. From managing dinner reservations to getting chocolates and flowers, it is clear that many need help.

There are plenty of options for one to go and celebrate. For example, those looking to start their day full of love and snacks can try a dozen of the new and seasonal heart-shaped donuts for $12.99 at Dunkin’ Donuts. This pairs with their Pink Strawberry Coconut Refresher which is also exclusive for the season.

However, when looking for more of a savory bite, picking up some Chick-fil-A to share on the way to school might be the way to go. The restaurant is currently offering heart-shaped trays that can be filled with nuggets, Chick-n-Minis, chocolate chunk cookies, or chocolate fudge brownie halves. This offer is only available until Feb. 25th, so do not wait!

For those celebrating later in the day, a nice restaurant is still a classic choice. Adriana Richardson (’24) has begun thinking about her plans with her boyfriend Emery Julian (’24) two weeks early in time for Valentine’s Day.

“I’d like to go out to somewhere nice, probably somewhere in Tampa by the water. I’m good at picking things as long as it isn’t seafood… I’m stoked and seriously psyched,” said Richardson.

Although Richardson does not know it yet, Julian has similar plans up his sleeve as well.

“It’s not something you do all of the time, it’s a special occasion. I’ll probably get [her] some stuff like a little teddy bear with a heart on it… I love my girlfriend,” said Julian.

Around the school, other couples are looking into their near future as well. Hayden Stuecher (’23) and Sabrina Celeste (’23) are among the masses.

“We’re probably going to stay in and watch movies but I wanna go to dinner also. I think I’m gonna get her chocolate-covered strawberries,” Stuecher said.

In fact, Edible Arrangements located on Seven Springs Blvd can help make this possible with their wide variety of fruit delicacies. From chocolate-covered strawberries to fresh fruit bouquets, the possibilities are limitless.

“We always just pick last minute wherever we feel like eating,” Celeste said. “This is my first real Valentine. I’ll get him a Wawa gift card and stuff he likes.”

Simple but thoughtful gifts can make all the difference in showing someone that you care.

Close and fun activities such as Painting With a Twist are another choice to consider. They are hosting numerous events where you can learn to paint a Valentine’s image in a relaxed and fun environment. The cost ranges from $37 to $49 and is an experience that will not be forgotten. This is beginner friendly and targeted for singles, couples, and friends to all enjoy.

As the season of love is in full force, don’t forget to have a fun time and celebrate the day to its fullest extent.