The rivalry continues

The River Ridge rivalry sparks passion and school spirit in students.


Priya Saini (’24) gets ready for the first kick-off of the night as the River Ridge varsity football game is just getting started. Not long after, the air filled with clouds of white powder that students threw up in the air to celebrate the moment.

Breanna Valentine, Staffer

   AJ Samples (’26), a participant in the drive, noted that while he felt the drive was beneficial to the community it could have been promoted better to inflict an even greater response from the school. 

   “It wasn’t advertised as well as I had hoped because I didn’t really hear about it unless I was in here [with student council].” Samples said. 

   Among those agreeing with Samples was Charles Fisher (’23), a student dedicated to school spirit. 

   “I think everyone needs to recognize the drive and teachers could involve it more. It was definitely a good idea but I don’t think it was done the right way… Maybe if teachers wanted to make it an enrichment thing to incorporate in classes instead of how it was done previously.” 

   While he had some critiques, Fisher did not forget to mention the excitement that was still able to come from the rivalry, particularly during the games. 

   “Just the idea of everyone coming together to cheer on our fellow students and stuff, it’s so great to see everyone happy, especially when we are winning. It’s so nice to see everyone there and it’s pretty cool…The River Ridge game was just straight hype the whole time.”

   Being one of the most talked about and intriguing football games of the year, the stands were overflowing with fans, even at an away game. Students made sure they were heard by shouting chants and cheering on their peers throughout the night. In the end, Mitchell defeated the other team with a score of 40-0. 

   Priya Saini (’24) was one of the many who came out in all black to experience the rivalry in person.

   “The dynamic between River Ridge and Mitchell is very energetic and lively. It is the game that everyone looks forward to and always has the biggest turnout. Everyone represents the school and it creates lots of school spirit.” Saini stated. “The school should do another drive like this because it is a great way to collect donations. Everyone wants to beat the Knights so having a donation drive causes an amazing turnout for a great cause.”

   Overall, the “rivalry for good” had a great positive impact on the community and was able to significantly boost school spirit. An event like this will most definitely become a precedent for future drives and fundraisers.