Anything but MUNdane

The Model United Nations (MUN) club hosts its annual mock conference on May 20, debating the topic of education.


The Model UN club prepares to host their final mock conference by setting up the tables with each delegation name, a flag, and pencils.

Maya Hernandez, Staff Reporter

On May 20, the Model United Nations (MUN) club gathered in room 813-814 and hosted its final mock conference of the year, lasting from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The delegates faced the front of the room where the Honorable Chairs, Stephanie Martanovic (FAC) and Heather Daniel (FAC), resided and would hold the meeting in order.

The MUN members are required to study their chosen nation throughout the year, researching the different policies of the country and submitting a position paper, in preparation for the final conference. Chloe Zondlo (’22), representing the delegation of Brazil, argued along with the rest of her peers on the topic of education.

“My partner and I spent the whole year studying what Brazil’s actual stance on education is, whether they are going to reform it or if they are actually behind on the policy. We put many hours into this club, so it’s nice to see how everyone else prepared and end the year on a high note,” Zondlo said.

Delegations were to debate important policies, such as transportation, education quality, and safety, the basic principles of a strong academic foundation. First-year member, Vicky Mansour (’23) represented the nation of Afghanistan, along with her partner Sofia Chianella (’23).

“Model UN is a great club not only because it allows you to step out of your perspective and debate important topics, but it also gives you many opportunities to receive recognition for your work through the awards they give out. I honestly had so much fun and I am definitely looking forward to coming back next year,” Mansour said.

One of the club sponsors, Ms. Martanovic explains the rewarding process and the prizes involved with each.

“The awards include Best Delegation, Outstanding Delegation, and Honorable Mentions. Each will receive an engraved gavel as well as a certificate that the winners will receive through mail, a process that we added just this year,” Martanovic said.