Drive and determination

The JV soccer teams finish off their season.


bella melby-mazzei

Jameson Mattson (’24) charges at his opponent, dribbling the ball downfield.

Bella Melby-Mazzei, Staff Reporter


The JV girls soccer team won their away conference game against Sunlake on Jan. 3, with a score of 3-1.

Manda Khella (‘24) saw many games where the team came together. The team won both times against Gulf with a score of 8-0.

“I think [we did our best during] our first Gulf game. The second [game] was kind of rough, but we still beat them and then I think we played our best in the East Lake game even though we lost. They were just a challenging team,” Khella said.

One of Khella’s favorite thing about soccer was bonding with the team during practices.

“In the drills we would always make jokes together. We got really close, and then during the game, I love how nice we are with each other, like cheering each other on and we’re always in that positive mindset. Even if we are losing a game we’re still consistent, and don’t give up,” Khella said.

Niamh Kirkwood (‘23) plays center midfield, and is one of the four captains of the soccer team along with Reese Bahr (‘24), Alana Woods (‘23), and Emma Sisco (‘23). As team captain, Kirkwood dealt with difficulties like schedules and injuries.

“I guess the [hardest thing about being team captain is the] pressure to be in charge of the team, but we just kind of had fun with it and had a good season,” Kirkwood said.

When the team wasn’t on the field, they took time to bond and get to know each other.

“When we took buses to games, we got to go out to eat and it was just fun getting to know everyone,” Kirkwood said.

In his first full year as coach, Jason Moenter (FAC) took over the team.

“I felt extremely honored to coach the entire JV team this season. They showed hard work and dedication to the school, the sport, and each other from day one. Their drive and determination to improve themselves and as a team was second to none, and they always fought to the very last whistle. I am incredibly proud of each and every player on this team. Every lady had their moments of leadership this season, but all the captains lived up to their title and position,” Moenter said.

The girls soccer team won their away conference game against Sunlake on Jan. 3, with a score of 3-1.

On Jan. 11, the girls’ JV soccer team finished their last game and completed the season against Cypress Creek, and won by a score of 3-1. The team ended with a 7-2 record.


On Jan. 15, the boys’ JV soccer team finished their last game, and completed the season, ending with a 9-5-1 record.

Quinten Hanson (‘25) is a defensive player for the boys JV soccer team.

“We’ve been doing really good, [and] we have a lot of good players this year. It’s fun because I have friends on the team, and we get along with each other,” Hanson said.

After reflecting, Hanson said that their best game was against Sunlake, on Dec. 12, and the Mustangs came back to score three goals in the second period.

“We were losing two to nothing and then we won three to two. We just did really good that game,” Hanson said.

Cameron McKinny (‘24) is one of the team captains, along with Ace Irwin (‘24). As captains they have more responsibilities on the team.

“Mostly communicate. If your team is down, you have to pick them back up,” McKinny said.

As well as being one of the captains, McKinny is also the goalie. At one of their last games, he had a chance to score.

“Actually I did score [at] Berkeley [Prep which was] our last game. They put me in [as a] striker [for] the last five minutes. It’s forward like the person that scores the most goals,” McKinny said.

According to Coach Tim Harrigan (FAC), the boys played every game with heart and determination, training hard every day.

“I can honestly say [it was] some of  the most fun I’ve had coaching in years.  [I’m] looking forward to next season and watching this group of boys become young men,” Coach Harrigan said.