New tradition is good nutrition

Having a nutritious diet is important for any athlete at any level.

Luke Cartiglia, Staff Reporter

Many athletes prioritize building strength, practicing hard, and building mental toughness in their sports. However one crucial aspect in sports that some athletes overlook is good nutrition. Olivia Desiante (‘25) finds the importance of having good nutrition and treating your body like a temple.

   “Nutrition is important to me because I workout a lot and want to make sure I’m staying in shape and a lot of what you eat affects how well you do,” Desiante said.

   There are many different avenues you can go down to learn more about how to take care of your body. You could go through a company or a body coach at places such as TB12 so you can get on a nutrition plan as well as get workouts to stay in shape. You can also research what you should be doing for the specific goals you want to achieve such as getting stronger or developing more speed.

   “When I am in a game and I ate the wrong thing that day, or did not do what I needed to do that day, then I do not do as well as I should’ve for my team,” William Fliss (‘23) said.

   Some also say that having a nutritional lifestyle can make them feel positive about not only themselves but about the team around them. Softball player Alexis Barber (‘23) has discovered how important it really is.

   “Nutrition is so crucial because it makes or breaks your performance on the field. It also makes you a positive source to be around as your mindset changes due to what you’re having,” Barber said.

   Many athletes see the importance of nutrition. Even for non-athletes, having a nutritious diet can be a key factor in having a successful day.