ACT+ SAT Study Tips

Keira Walter, staff reporter

A token to the next level of education, the annual SAT’s and ACT’s take place across the U.S, ranging from students in their junior and senior year. The SAT’s have an average of 1111 at Mitchell and ACT’s with an average of 22, according to Great Schools. Leading up to the tests, studying takes a chunk of students’ hours. Study tips and resources are available online and at school from tutors to websites willing to give their help. On March 4th, Juniors are able to take their SAT on campus for free.

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When I took the PSAT I felt prepared because I went around to academic lunch and found tutors to help me feel ready to take the practice SAT, when I take the real SAT I will look for tutors.

— Markella Ghoberial (‘24)

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“Khan Academy has a lot of practice tests, I took about 10 to 13 practice tests.”

— Brooke Ealy ('23)

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You have to know that the SAT is important for getting into college, just studying the actual books helps, the SAT releases a book with study questions. I found the book on Amazon, and if you just take an hour out of every week to study, it helps a lot. I got a 1570 at the end

— Leonid Alexeyev ('22)