Remembering Bob Saget’s Legacy

Known for his comedic stand-up and playing Danner Tanner on Full House, Bob Saget’s legacy continues while remembered by his fans.

Ashley Hoskins, editor in chief

At approximately around four-thirty a.m., Bob Saget, a famous comedian, and actor passed away at the Ritz Carlton hotel after he finished his two-hour comedic act in Jacksonville, Florida the night before. His legacy lives on by his friends, family, and fans, especially for his time on Full House as playing the role of Danny Tanner.

“I’ve watched Full House since I was about 5-years-old. His character on the show influenced me to be the best person I could be through the lessons he would share with DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. I loved the show because it was funny, heartwarming, and had great life lessons. His legacy will definitely go on forever and I know that I will be showing Full House to my children one day. I believe that many others will too,” Hannah Gordon (‘22) said.

Many remember his legacy as the fatherly figure to the viewers and his castmates, but also as a famous comedian. Featured on over 700 episodes and 32 seasons as the original host of America’s Funniest Home Videos on ABC, Saget remains one of the most influential T.V. personalities for his humor and kindness.

“I watched his show all the time. He always had a very positive influence on me because it made me laugh, especially when I would have a rough day. My friend introduced the show to me and I loved it ever since. I think his legacy will continue to go on because he was a great guy and a figure to all his viewers, especially myself,” David Nappi (‘24) said.

Saget last posted on Saturday, Jan. 8 discussing his positive attitude after performing for his live and appreciative audience. The 65-year-old’s legacy will go on forever by his dedicated fans and co-stars as well as his family.