Hot, hot, oh they got it!

The band performs their 2021 Prism concert for the first time since 2019.

Maya Hernandez, staff reporter

On Dec. 11, the band performed their Prism concert in the Center for the Arts at River Ridge auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Open for two nights, the band played a total of 34 songs, not including the grand marching band performance that concludes the show.

The band opened with a comical skit simulating an airplane getting ready for takeoff and bringing the audience along for a ride. Then the concert begins with an eye-catching piece that grabed the audience’s attention. Playing her second Prism show, Gabriella Setta (’24), contributed to two side acts: Hot Chocolate and the saxophone quartet.

“To engage the audience, we do a skit to open up the show. It really gets the crowd laughing and intrigued and then that’s when we introduce the side acts and the big ensembles. From there it’s just awesome,” Setta said.

The band takes about two to three weeks to rehearse as a whole, while side acts typically take about a month to perfect their pieces. Performing 11 acts all together, Titus Janshon (’22), expresses his favorite part of the whole show.

“My favorite part of the show was the marching band at the end. The entire band surrounds the auditorium and we perform our entire marching band show that we played during the fall for the entire audience,” Janshon said.

Making an appearance, the color guard danced to Christmas Tree Farm by Taylor Swift. Following a story of a person traveling during Christmas time and trying to get back home. It takes place in an airport and transports them into a land of imagination. At the very end they finally get to go home and connect with their family. Jaslyn Shriver (’24) took part in this performance.

“The creativity of everyone and how great the music is makes the whole performance super enjoyable to be a part of,” Shriver said.

The band now works towards their next big project set to occur in spring for their music performance assessment.