New vs old Christmas music

With the holidays approaching, comes the debate of which is better, new or classic christmas music?



While wrapping Christmas presents, listening to classic Christmas songs help get some people into the holiday spirit.

Hanna Carberry-Simmering, staff reporter

Every year, artists come out with new Christmas music. They could be a cover or remix of a classic like “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” by Paul Gilbert, the song was originally sung by Johnny Marks. It also might be new like “Christmas isn’t canceled (just you)” by Kelly Clarkson, but which happens to be better?

Classics are known for being enjoyed by families throughout the holidays. Most classics, if they aren’t played in your home, you’ve most likely heard them on the radio or in a movie. Covers/remixes can be a great way to hear your favorite classic by your favorite artist but they won’t beat the original no matter who produces them.

Classics give families another way to bond over the holidays because of them being common on the radio and in movies. Many family traditions include the classic Christmas music like Jingle Bells, Santa Baby, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, winter wonderland, feliz Navidad, and many more. Most people grew up with classics so this makes it easier to bond while bringing back good memories from growing up. Classic christmas music happens to be more meaningful then the remixes or new ones because of this reason. This makes classic christmas music an easy way to connect and look back on the past.

It can be a struggle for new Christmas music to get really popular because everyone still likes the classics. New Christmas music can be good but because of the attachment that everyone feels to the originals it makes it hard to say they’re better.

Christmas music sticks around and so do the classics. They give off a nostalgic feeling and can help anyone get into the holiday spirit.