Got winter plans? If not, we got you.

Karma Eltelety (’24) and Fjona Ballabani (’23) are amongst the many who participate in activities for the holiday season


Aerial stonis

Robert Hynes (‘25) sets up logs for a bonfire while Mark Hynes (‘23) and Michael Pekarek (‘24) conversate at their neighbors’ house on Nov. 18. The weather dipped into the 60’s, making it cold enough to have a bonfire. “I set up the logs, but I needed help making the actual fire from my brother. After it got darker and the fire started, the fire was super relaxing and we also eventually made s’mores,” Hynes said.

Aerial Stonis, staff reporter

During the winter season, many activities are available that are not normally accessible year-round. The wintry weather and holidays give an abundance of activities to enjoy nearby or just simply at home. Many enjoy these activities surrounded by family and friends who raise their Christmas cheer.  

Robert Hynes (‘25) is planning on going to and having bonfires as the weather gets colder. He has already been to one with his friends at his neighbor’s house on Nov. 18. They made s’mores and warmed up by the fire while the temperature dropped into the 60’s.  

“I like having bonfires because they’re really calming and when I’m with friends it’s a really fun time,” Hynes said. 

Christmas is the time of year where people spread kindness and give back. Christmas stories bring up cheer for children while also showing them that reading can be fun, giving them a break from electronics. Karma Eltelety (‘24) plans on giving back this season by volunteering at the New Port Richey Public Library or Centennial Park Branch Library and reading to kids.  

“I feel like a lot of people like to give back during the holiday season, and to me I just really like spending time with kids and helping out at the library. It makes me feel like I’m contributing something to the community,” Eltelety said. 

 Since eighth grade, to kick off winter break every year, Fjona Ballabani (‘23) hosts a sleepover at her house and invites her closest friends. They bake cookies and decorate them with Christmas icons like Santa, snowmen, and reindeer while listening to Christmas music. Afterwards they end the night by watching Hallmark movies and eating popcorn. 

“It’s super fun, it gives us a chance to just hangout and relax after exam week and before going back to school. It puts us all in the mood for Christmas,” Ballabani said.  

Winter activities are the perfect way to raise Christmas cheer and spend time with friends and family. Find things to do near you and make plans with loved ones, possibly making a tradition!