Side taken on sounds of the season

An editorial on the festive christmas music played in the halls before break and how it can be improved for students.

Mattox Sartori, Staff Reporter

 Every year towards December students have mixed emotions on what some people would say “hurt their ears” while others state “brings the Christmas spirit to the hallways.” On the festive week before winter break the staff at Mitchell high school is responsible for playing cheerful Christmas music for the students in between their class periods. 

   A numerous amount of students throughout the years have complained about the music being played for assorted reasons, and the most varied would be the types of songs that are played.  

   Nathan Seevers (23) explains the songs that are disliked by many. 

   “Over the years that I have attended Mitchell high school I have always enjoyed certain songs that would play on the sound systems around the campus, up until the high-pitched sound of the Alvin and the chipmunks Christmas remake songs would blare through the speakers. With the sound of three high pitched chipmunks ringing through my eardrums it makes it quite impossible to focus while getting prepared for my next class,” Seevers said. 

  With the sound of the chipmunks high-pitched voices blasting down the halls, another student, Sophia Pelosi discusses her issues with the holiday music being played throughout the campus. 

   “Generally, I don’t have problem with the Christmas music but rather the way that it is played. The intercom works by a person holding down a button and talking into it, but during the holiday season a staff member places their phone near the microphone while a song is being played on the phone, creating a tone that sounds far away and close at the same time, often causing the music to crackle and make distinguished sounds,” Pelosi said. 

   There are plenty of solutions to the problems that are being faced with the holiday music, such as purchasing an intercom that is equipped with Bluetooth, or a solution as easy as switching up the holiday music for the majority of the students’ liking.  

   On the other hand, numerous students have claimed to enjoy the music that is played during the holiday season and look forward to it all throughout the year. 

   Maddison toner (24) explains her positive thoughts towards the festive music in the halls.  

   “Usually, the week before school ends for break, I always find myself in a cheery mood when I hear the intercom pick up and music starts to play throughout the halls. On my way to my classes I feel refreshed as I walk into my classroom door with the sound of the holidays being expressed throughout the campus,” Toner said. 

   According to “A slower tempo can quiet your mind and relax your muscles, making you feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day.”  

   With the stress brought on throughout the day with homework and tests, students hearing the holiday music may feel more relaxed and not as stressed. 

   During passing students like Alex Rivera (24) get a clear mindset when they hear the calm songs play through the halls.  

   “Usually in the halls, I tend to stress about my next class, and the holiday music has helped a lot with my stress. People have complained about the music throughout the years, but even if the quality isn’t the best, I am grateful for it,” Rivera said. 

   Some students are grateful for the holiday music even if the quality is not the best, and some students are not able to bare the distinguished noises coming from the intercom during the last week before Christmas break. This year the week before Christmas break starts on Mon. Dec, 13th and ends on the 17th students will have to wait to see what is in store this Christmas season.