Rock, Roll, Etc…

Punk-rock band, named Etc…, performs monthly live shows



“Etc…” performs an original song titled, “Nothing” at 9:47 pm on Sat., Sept. 25. The track includes a loud and energetic tune that had the crowd jumping. “I wrote it about the end of summer, and it’s a song that repeats itself. The chorus is 1 line over and over and the verses all follow the same structure. I think it makes it catchy.” Hynes said.

Aerial Stonis, staff reporter

 At the Neptune Lounge in Tarpon Springs, “Etc…”, a three-person punk-rock band comprised of lead singer and guitarist, Mark Hynes (‘23), bassist Michael Pekarek (‘24), and drummer, Cooper Krinn, a River Ridge student, played their third show on Sat., Sept. 25. “Send & Delete”, another rock band, opened for them, creating an animated environment. 

    After playing at the Neptune Lounge in July and August, nerves were not a problem this time for Etc…. They set up the stage quickly and continued the entertainment for the audience minutes after Send & Delete packed up. 

    “At first, we were nervous, but at this point it was our third show and we had a band play before us. They got the crowd excited and us more energized, so getting on stage we were more comfortable this time,” Hynes said. 

    While Send and Delete was opening, the crowd started a mosh pit, with dozens of teenagers smashed together near the stage slamming into each other. Etc… continued the energy and the crowd remained excited by dancing and jumping along to their music. Original songs written by Hynes were fan favorites. 

    “I think the fact that we got a lot of people to mosh to our music was really cool. “Break” was the song we got a lot of people jumping and going at,” Pekarek said. 

    Fan Parker Jowers (‘23) became friends with Hynes in their freshman year. Jowers attended their July and September shows to support him. He met friends at the show and stood with them while they played. 

    “This show was my favorite show so far because there was more of a crowd and it was a lot more exciting because there were two bands,” Jowers said. 

    The band continues to practice for their upcoming shows monthly. The date and location of the next one is to be announced, follow @etc_florida on Instagram for more information.