Bending the wire

Honor student, Madison Zirbel (‘24) starts a ring making business despite her busy schedule.


M. Zirbel

An example of a ring created by Madison Zirbel.

Maya Hernandez, staff reporter

Young entrepreneur, Madison Zirbel (‘24) gets out her crystals and bends wire to create rings after school on top of her student workload. Primarily selling to her friends, she looks to expand her business and produce high quality products for all customers. 

Familiar to the art of creating rings, Zirbel takes her lifelong passion public in hopes of forming loyal customers. 

“I’ve been making them ever since I was little. My family has always liked them, so I wanted to see if other people were interested in buying my rings,” Zirbel said. 

Working off a detailed process, Zirbel spends her free time crafting her jewelry, taking between 45-60 minutes making each ring.  

“Making the rings doesn’t interfere with my school schedule. I always tried to have a good balance of both. The time it takes to make them really depends on the size of the ring and the style. But I will usually have it delivered in one or two days,” Zirbel said. 

Zirbel is in the process of creating an instagram for her small business. She plans on expanding her services to include necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Her starting price is $5, but $1 may be added based on the complexity of the ring asked for. 

“I would like to start moving into making collections. I think it’d be really cool to have ones for different occasions,” Zirbel said.  

Zirbel prides her small business on being independent and eco-friendly. Efficiency and high quality are her top priorities, and she appreciates all customers. For a ring or any questions about her business, contact @m.zirbel on Snapchat.