College application madness

After school Common Application help sessions assist seniors as they start their journey to college.


Alexa Grubbs

On Sept 20, in the media center, some seniors gathered to work on their Common Application with the help of Ms. Chamberlin (FAC).

Alexa Grubbs, editor

  1. On Sept 13, Ms. Michele Chamberlin (FAC) held her first College Help Session after school from 3 to 5 p.m. in the media center. The session focused on assisting students with their Common Application, which is an undergraduate college admission application with roughly 900 higher education institutions in their system. With some applications for colleges like University of Florida and Florida State University due on Nov. 1, several students took advantage of the chance to get their application done as soon as possible.

    “I knew that if I went I would be more motivated to finish the Common App. application. I had already started it, but with everything going on with classes I felt like I didn’t really allocate time to it and if I had any questions I knew Ms. Chamberlin would be the best person to ask, so that’s why I went,” Youstina Gabriel (‘22) said.

    At the event, some students created an account and others, like Kaitlyn Ritt (‘22), got the opportunity to ask questions about the education section of the application.

    “I learned how to input my grades and how to fill out the section for our class size, our GPA, and the certain requirements we have to put about our school,” Ritt said.

    The after school session had the attendance of roughly 30 students who were all able to get varying amounts of their Common Application completed. Gabriel accomplished her goal at the event.

    “I finished my application and applied to two colleges. I still have to apply to the University of Florida. I may attend another session to help apply to the other colleges, but I may not because that one session was really helpful,” said Gabriel (‘22).

    Another help session recently happened on Sept 20. If you are interested in going to one of these sessions, there is one being held next Monday on Sept 27 from 3:05 to 5 p.m. in the media center.