We see you, ICU

National Honor Society (NHS) runs a drive to collect money to make baskets for ICU workers.


Bella Melby-Mazzei

Bebel Viera (‘22), Ms. Denise Crabtree (FAC), Cayla Heckroth (‘22), Colson Grantt (‘22), and Catherine Miller (‘22) off screen, to the left, discuss what to put in the gift baskets for the ICU nurses.

Bella Melby-Mazzei, staff reporter

NHS planned their first drive for the semester to raise money to make gift baskets for ICU workers. NHS collected money from Aug. 23 – Sept. 6. 

   Bebel Viera (‘22) knows through family members that the ICU nurses have been very overworked over this past year, so they wanted to help give them something to make them smile. 

   “I think it’s just a thank you from our community for healing so many of our family members, friends, and just doing everything they can to keep everyone healthy and safe,” Viera said. 

   One of the main purposes of NHS is to help people in the community. That is most important to Cayla Heckroth (‘22) 

   “The whole point of NHS is to give back to the community. I mean, we as human beings should just do it. It’s just really good to see people who are working for us, just to give back to them. It’s simple, it’s easy, just the little things really help,” Heckroth said. 

   To go along with the gift baskets, Denise Crabtree (FAC) suggested NHS members also add their own personal touch. 

   “Every member of National Honor Society wrote thank you notes, and we’re also making posters to put around in the area, to just say we appreciate you,” Ms. Crabtree said. 

   Viera knows firsthand how much this affected the ICU workers during this time and helped create the idea for the NHS drive. 

   “I have parents that work in the health care industry, so when I hear stories from their friends who work in the ICU departments, and just seeing how overworked they are, I think it was just second nature to know that they needed the help and deserved recognition,” Viera said. 

   NHS members plan to research what they can to help those that need it. 

   “I think we are just trying to find different people who need the help, and deserve the appreciation, and so, we are going to put all our members to work in that committee and take care of what we need to do,” Viera said. 

   NHS raised $2,150 from the community and students during the ICU drive. They plan to make 60 gift baskets to give to ICU workers. The date for giving the nurses the baskets will be determined once the baskets are completed.