Behind the scenes of the senior lot

Closest to the exit gate [purple], seniors share personal experiences on careless driving throughout the parking lot.


ashley hoskins

The staff implements specific safety regulations for on-campus student drivers in order to help prevent reckless driving in the parking lot.

Ashley Hoskins, editor-in-chief

Students choose to park on campus and are assigned a spot before the new school session starts. Typically, seniors traditionally have the option to be assigned a spot in the senior-only lot [known as purple] near classmates of their. With the chaos of before and after school traffic, especially at the beginning of the year, seniors find it difficult to get in and out quickly to meet class expectations which can cause reckless driving and speeding. In particular, Emma Peterson (‘22) faces challenges when safely entering the lot before the bell rings.

“I was involved in a minor accident recently at school when a girl accidentally bumped into my car trying to pull into her spot one morning. Even though I was involved in an accident I believe the student driving in the senior lot is fine, as long as everybody obeys the rules of the road. I think the school should take away students’ driving privileges if they’re caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing, even though they already do so much and I knew the chances of parking here,” Peterson said.

With the location benefit for the senior lot, Tyler Smith (‘22) found difficulties for student parking and voiced ideas for ways they can help prevent further accidents in the future.

“Even though the purple lot is a convenience for seniors that do have a spot, it’s still very difficult to get out of even when you leave early. Checking your surroundings and making sure you’re not on your phone would help prevent accidents and allow better control when students are leaving in the middle of the day while monitoring. It’s bad in the morning and the afternoon due to traffic turning into the school which takes a really long time. I knew beforehand choosing to park here would have issues but I wanted to be with friends and have a close location from my classes to my car due to the fact that I’m on the news crew and wanted to paint a parking spot,” Smith said.

Seniors continue to park during the day, following their bell schedule for the rest of the school year. Regulations, which are imprinted on the back of student tags, are still put in place by the administration. Students will further proceed with caution while adhering to campus driving expectations.