Partaking in politics

The president of Young Democrats and Vice President of Teenage Republicans share their political plans for the upcoming school year, involving the members of their clubs.

Partaking in politics

Sofia Chianella, Editor

Whether students affiliate with the Democratic or Republican party, there is a club available for those interested in politics. This will be the sixth year for Young Democrats, led by Ms. Heather Daniel (FAC), and the second year for Teenage Republicans, led by Ms. Carolann Girgenti (FAC).

As newly elected president of Young Democrats, Kole Kemple (’22) is most passionate about social rights issues such as sexism, homophobia, and racism, along with the urgent issue of climate change. Last year the club was heavily focused on campaigning for now elected President Joe Biden.

“This year we want to do more meeting projects, because it’s not an election year, so we want to focus on education instead of campaigning. We are going to do more projects that give people an understanding of the whole democratic spectrum, and how the government works in general. I feel that the best way to make smart, educated decisions is to be educated on how politics works in the first place, so that is our main plan,” Kemple said.

Due to COVID-19, last year Teenage Republicans had to hold their past club meetings on Zoom, in an effort to follow previous school restrictions. However, Vice President Stefan Dedic (’23) participated in planning interactive events for the club this year including providing an outlet to properly destroy old American flags in a dignified way.

“The teenage Republican club has dedicated some time in order to gather a whole bunch of damaged flags collected throughout the community and have a proper service hosted by the Boy Scouts, VFW, and the local hospice center in order to give the flags a proper disposal to honor the flag in what it represents. On 10/23 we will have some special guest flag retirement ceremony leaders. The flag will be placed on the fire by the veterans and scouts and will remain in their position until there are no remains left, and then the ashes will be collected and buried,” Dedic said.

Young Democrat meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of every month after school in Room 811, while Teenage Republican meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month before school.