Heads of the Herd

New Stang Gang leaders Jace Trautner (‘22) and Medin Kukuljac (‘22) lead the wild herd in cheering on the school’s sports teams.

Emma Diehl, Editor-in-Chief

Standing in the front of the crowd, Jace Trautner (‘22) and Medin Kukuljac (‘22) egg on the Stang Gang members, getting them to chant “M-I-T-C-H-E-L-L! Mustangs let’s go!” as the football team played their home game against Fivay High School on Aug. 27. Dressed in their finest western gear, Trautner and Kukuljac took on their roles as Stang Gang leaders.

Recent graduates James Hill (‘21) and Cooper Rhoades (‘21)  handed down their positions to who they found most deserving. In this case, Trautner and Kukuljac.

“I was always loud, participated at all the spirit activities, and was lucky enough to get noticed by the boys who graduated last year. [My favorite part of Stang Gang is] being able to see the school come together for football while following the chants I start,” Kukuljac said.

Growing from underclass members to upper class leaders, the two boys have been a part of Stang Gang since their freshman year. The group, known for their enthusiasm, attends almost every sporting event at the school.

“It’s a really cool experience being able to run our student section and bring the energy to every game for every team. At times it can be a lot dealing with the amount of students we have, but it really is cool. My favorite part of being a part of Stang Gang is the atmosphere at games; it’s something many schools don’t experience,” Trautner said.

The job of a Stang Gang leader includes keeping students engaged, changing up chants, and cheering on the athletic teams.

“[We] keep the chants fresh and make sure everyone is on the same page. I just love seeing the school come together and show off our spirit,” Kukuljac said.

Come and join Kukuljac and Trautner at any home sports game, from volleyball to football, and show your school spirit. The next home football game is scheduled for Oct. 1 against Gaither High School at 7:30 p.m., and the next home volleyball game is scheduled for Sept. 21 against Fivay High School at 7:00 pm.

Jace Trautner (’22) leads the Stang Gang in cheering for the football team after they scored a touchdown in the second quarter of the home game against Fivay High School on Aug. 27. Photo by: Emma Diehl