A group for minorities and allies

The Global Empowerment Movement club held its first meeting on Aug. 25, welcoming interested students


Kole Kemple

Sofia Chianella (’23) and Brooke Ealy (’23) lead their fellow GEM club members through an informational presentation at the first club meeting on Aug. 25. Photo provided by: Kole Kemple

Emma Diehl, Editor-in-chief

Run by Sofia Chianella (‘23) and Brooke Ealy (‘23), the Global Empowerment Movement (GEM) club held its first meeting Wed., Sept. 25. The group discussed their plans for this school year, including what groups they plan to support, requirements, and representative positions.

The group dedicates itself to helping different religious groups, ethnic minorities, and the LGBTQ+ community through raising awareness for different causes and volunteer work. Ealy, one of the co-presidents, founded the club to support her classmates.

“Sofia Chianella and I started GEM to provide representation to all minorities at Mitchell and help out minority communities in the area. This year we hope to create a safe and open environment for minorities at Mitchell, and make a difference in our community,” Ealy said. 

Ms. Heather Daniel (FAC), the club’s adviser, also serves as the advisor for the Young Democrats Club.

“As much as I can, I try to let the kids decide what we do in the club. My role is more organizational, so I try to help them organize and think of what they can do, that kind of thing. I want them to lead it as much as possible. [Chianella and Ealy] wanted to educate others and bring in people from diverse backgrounds who wanted to support other people,” Ms. Daniel said. 

All students are welcome to attend the club’s next meeting on Sept. 9 in room 517 after school.

“Someone considering joining GEMs should come to our next meeting…because there  are no requirements or fees and you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference within our community,” Ealy said.

Representative elections are being held at the GEM club’s meeting on Sept. 29. Officer positions include female rep, LGBTQ+ rep, African American rep, and mental health/disabled rep. Those who are interested should prepare a 30-60 second speech to share with the group on election day.