Advancing to the future

New AP students explain the benefits of taking advanced placement.


Adriana Richardson sits in Ms. Hampton’s AP World History class. Reading through the textbook, she writes down important facts about the chapter. “I was working on my outlines for chapter nine on Islam,” Richardson said.

Bella Melby-Mazzei

AP classes provide an opportunity for students to get used to bigger workloads and prepare for college courses. 

   According to College Board “AP students and, particularly, successful, AP students are more likely to perform well in college than their non-AP peers; it has also shown that AP students are more likely to simply enroll in a four-year college and university.” 

   In preparation for his future, Shawn Flavin (‘23) takes AP Psychology and AP Environmental Science. 

   “[The reason I took AP was] mainly the credit, because I needed it, but I also wanted more of the learning part and the studying and taking tests and all that,” Flavin said. 

   Faith Frazier (‘25) takes AP Human Geography, a course that teaches economics, different religions, and how some countries formed. 

   “It’s a really good experience to get your feet underneath you, and it prepares you for the rest of the year, and college as well, and just gives you a taste of what you’re going to be doing,” Frazier said. 

   After the first few weeks of school, Frazier learned some tips on how to be successful in AP. 

   “There is a lot more work and I have a lot more expectations on me, so there is going to be a lot more coming.  Just stay on top of things, make sure to pay attention, stay on track and you’ll be good,” Frazier said. 

   To avoid overwhelming herself, Adriana Richardson (‘24) signed up for her first AP class this year, AP World History. 

   “I feel like it would be a good steppingstone than just immersing yourself in so many hard classes at once, just to put my foot in the shallow end for now,” Richardson said. 

   AP classes keep Frazier, Richardson, and Flavin on track and on their way to college credits. Students interested in taking an AP class should go to the College Board website, at, (Links to an external site.) to research about AP.