Now hiring?

Workers in the Trinity area are being asked to work overtime.


Looking for a place to work? As of Aug. 27, Culver’s located in Trinity is one of many places hiring now. By Luke Cartiglia

Luke Cartiglia

As of Aug. 24, high school students like Kendall Gruwell (‘23) are being asked to work overtime in the Trinity area. This has been growing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the fact that it has become harder for companies to find employees. Gruwell worked at Chick-Fil-A.

“I had to stop working. I dreaded coming in towards the end when everything went bad,” Gruwell said.

According to Pew Research Center, “During the pandemic summer of 2020, teen summer employment in the United States plunged to its lowest level since the Great Recession, erasing a decade’s worth of slow gains.” The employment rate among youth has increased as well from being 9.1% in 2019 to being 18.5% in July 2020 according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“I just don’t understand why people who are fully capable of getting a job are getting paid to stay at home.You should want to get a job and make your own money and not depend on the government to pay for your needs and wants. Our president likes to reassure us that he will fix all of this and there will be change yet he hasn’t tried to tackle this situation in itself. And unfortunately, this problem will eventually be solved when it is too late. There has to be change soon or small businesses and fast food chains are going to have to start shutting down due to supply shortages and severe under staffment ,” Palmer Baldyga (‘22) said.

Being understaffed means a business has fewer employees than the usual number of people available. The COVID-19 pandemic as well as other factors are things that have led to businesses being understaffed.

“It’s a shame because there’s nothing anybody can really do to fix it or help them other than hiring more people,” Baldyga said.

Since July 2020, in the Trinity area teen workers are being asked to work overtime because companies are understaffed. To avoid burnout, create time for yourself throughout the day. This will minimize the stresses of being overworked. Another thing you could do is speak up. If you feel that you are being overwhelmed and there is some way to fix it, ask your boss if there is any way they could help and if not don’t hesitate to walk away.