Red or Blue: Which one are you?

By Max Trettin

   During the 2015-16 school year, Isabel Bradley (‘18) noticed around the campus. She brought it upon herself to create the Young Democrats Club.

“A friend and I were walking around campus, and people weren’t educated on the platforms of political issues. They knew who they liked, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but they didn’t really know why. When we tried to talk about it, they couldn’t explain it. We started the club because we wanted to bring more political education to the campus,” Bradley said.

Grace Phillips (‘18) and Paulina Keim (‘18) got together and
also realized the lack of political clubs in the school.

   “It got started when Grace and I were taking the world history exam and we were thinking that it would be really cool for a Republicans club on campus, and asked Ms. Hampton if she wanted to be the sponsor,” Keim said.

The students recruited advisers Ms. Heather Daniel (Young Democrats), and Ms. LuAnne Hampton (Young Republicans). Friends, yet political rivals, the advisers sought to aid Bradley and Phillips in the creation of the clubs.

“[Ms. Daniel] wanted to help better the education in politics for other students. Within the club we’re going to talk about political topics, we’re going to talk about both sides; just kind of get into discussion of what we think about both sides, how to stay open-minded, and just learn more about each party,” Bradley said.

   As presidents of their clubs, Bradley, Phillips and Keim endeavor daily to spread political beliefs throughout the campus. When the presidential election is complete by mid- November, both the Young Republicans and Democrats planned to continue meeting.

“We’re going to get more involved in the community.
One of our big focuses are the veterans in our area, and we
also want to get involved in the Pasco Republicans, like the older Republicans, and try to help them do their thing. We’ll get involved with local politics, and just kind of serve our community in any way we can,” Phillips said.

   Both the Young Democrats and Young Republicans share similar goals, to expand knowledge of politics throughout the campus.

“We’re still going to be talking about popular topics within politics. Whichever president gets in, we’ll talk about it.

We’re going to have education discussions and learn more about who our president is and what the platform is, and how we can make our future better,” Bradley said.

To participate in the initiatives presented by the Young Republicans and Young Democrats, students can talk to the advisers. The Young third Wednesday of each month in room 705, and the Young Democrats meet the second and fourth Friday of each month in room 811.

   In addition to this, they have debate parties and discussions where they watch the debate and discuss it amongst themselves. The approximate participate in both of these clubs strongly encourage students to get more involved in local politics, and their community in its entirety.