NCAA National Championship

Luke Cartiglia

Baylor beat Gonzaga by a score of 87-70

By Luke Cartiglia 

   On April 5, the Baylor Bears and the Gonzaga Bulldogs squared off in a highly anticipated matchup to see who would become the best college basketball team in the world. Although the Bulldogs were favored to win (-210) the Baylor Bears pulled off the upset and won by a score of 87-70. 

   “I thought Gonzaga was going to win because of their hard play and how physical they are. They also would make history by making it through a whole season undefeated,” Sander Johnson (‘23) said.

   After the buzzer-beater shot made by Gonzaga to punch their ticket to the championship game, everyone expected them to win. After all, they were undefeated before losing to Baylor Monday night.

   “Their undefeated record says a lot about the type of team they are and what they can be,” Johnson said.

   The statistics of the game paint the picture. The final score ended up being 87-70. Baylor’s 3 point percentage in the first half was 58 percent while Gonzaga’s was 16 percent. Baylor never gave up their lead throughout the game. 

   “Baylor ended up being the more dominant team at the end of the day,” Johnson said.

   At the end of the day Baylor outlasted Gonzaga and took the victory. They played as a team and won as a team. Although Gonzaga has been the better team all year, they did not show that in the National Championship game.