15 seasons and counting; let the drama continue

After hitting the 15 seasons checkpoint, the producers of Grey’s Anatomy decided to take on another season of production, students share their opinions about the show.

Emma Rogers-Business Manager

   “Grey’s Anatomy” first aired on Mar. 27, 2005 producing 16 seasons and becoming the eighth longest running scripted primetime TV series in the US. ABC premiered the first episode of season 16 on Sep. 26. The show brands itself as a medical drama series that focuses on a group of young doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, who began their careers at the facility as interns. For years, there has been debates on whether or not the series is worth watching. Mackenzie Henderson (‘22) has been an avid watcher of the series, but even big fans can have negative opinions.

   “I think it’s a great show; I love all the characters on [Grey’s Anatomy.] It’s definitely an emotional roller coaster. I have watched it up to season 15, it was amazing. Of course I will watch the new season because the last episode of season 15 was a cliffhanger. [However,] I don’t think they should’ve kept going because 16 seasons is a lot,” Henderson said.

   As Grey’s Anatomy progressed, story lines picked up to more dramatic interactions between the staff and interns as well as the more precise medical procedures the main characters had to practice. However, the show had many loopholes in how they proceeded to continue after a character’s death, and left out the realism of an actual hospital.

   “Grey’s Anatomy is overrated because it is heavily influenced by the media and doesn’t live up to the standard that it is set at. [Grey’s Anatomy] was terrible for the fact that it killed or harmed almost every main character. The show should definitely end, so newer shows that haven’t gained much attraction can be recognized,” Ethan Rogers (‘23) said.

   After hitting the 15 seasons checkpoint, the producers of Grey’s Anatomy decided to take on another season of production to continue to add the current storyline the last episode left off. 

   “I love how there is always something new going on in the show and it is not the same plot all 16 seasons. It helps that I am also interested in the medical fields. I feel like they should definitely continue the show because there is always more to add to the series and new drama with the main characters,” Brenna Peterson (‘21) said.

   To find the new season of Grey’s Anatomy, watch on ABC on Thursday nights at 8 or on Hulu on Fridays after the premiere of the episode every Thursday. Interested in the medical field or deciding your own thoughts on the show, catch up on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube Tv.