Picking your future

Course cards cause anxiety and excitement for students


Averi O’Connor

Course cards have been sent out, On Jan. 24 all grade levels received them, except seniors. With this announcement students are consulting their friends and guidance counselors on what class will be their best fit. Following closely after the release of course cards, curriculum  night took place on Jan. 30 in the gymnasium at 6:30 pm to present new classes to incoming freshmen and other students who are debating their future academic endeavors.

Baillie Phillips (‘23) gives her advice to anyone picking their classes for next year.

“As long as the classes you’re taking are challenging for you or are benefiting you in some way, that’s all that matters.” Phipps said.

Motivation is one key attribute that Genevieve Tucker(‘26) recommends to her friends and peers for the upcoming year.

“I think it’s the fact that I have to get into college that motivates me to take harder classes,” Tucker said.

With the end of the school year coming up around the corner, Zoe Richard (‘25) gives her feelings on planning for the next year of her high school experience.

“[This school year is ending soon] Looking at the course cards makes everything seem so real, like it makes me nervous that I’m one more year closer to leaving high school and entering college” Richard said.

Feb. 3 course cards will be due to Language Arts/ English teachers. When selecting the preferred class, a signature is required by each honors/ AP subject teacher to get approved to take that course.