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The band resumes their half-time show on Friday nights.


keira walter

After receiving a weather warning, Logan Holston (‘23) laughs with new friends during band practice on Tues., Aug. 24. Due to the weather warning, the band changed locations for practice. “Originally it was pretty awkward [making friends], but I just got into it, and it was easy, there and out,” Holston said. Photo by Keira Walter

Keira Walter, staff reporter

  As Kylee Pryor (‘22) and Christine Lucas (‘23) raise their arms to conduct the band, music filled the field. Lined in rows in their uniforms for the first time since 2019, band members moved in a synchronized pattern across the grass. On Aug. 27. they performed the opener for the 2021-22 marching show.  

   This year the band prepares the new marching show “It’s Gonna Rain”. They changed it up from the previous show, “Into the Jungle” that involved in a colorful setting, and they go a new direction for the start of the new school year. Through previous years they have used various instruments and equipment in their shows. Samantha Cragle (’22) holds the responsibility as one of the Quarter Masters by setting up before practices, competitions, and football games.  

   “I feel shows that are darker or more mysterious always do better than shows with a happier tone. It makes it more interesting to perform,” Cragle said. 

   During the COVID pandemic last year, the band took precautions and had to cancel their marching show. Now after the pandemic they continue to be cautious with the knowledge that COVID is still spreading. Keeping up on a schedule, they practice every Tuesday and Thursday after school. Emily Triglia (’22) fulfills her role as a Captain along with Nickolas Pulice (’22), by keeping the band notified and informed on their schedule for pep rallies, football games, rehearsals, and competitions. They take count of attendance for the whole band and make sure everyone understands what they need to do and meet their goals.  

   “[I] set the example for the entire band to be the best role model that I can. Something that we hold true to ourselves. Just somebody to look up to and be friends with everybody,” Pulice said. 

   Every day, like clockwork, the band room fills quickly with students getting their instruments put together and out to the school bus loop for practice. They gather in rows and start their stretches, preparing for practice. Section leaders do their role in keeping their section in order and guiding them.  

  “It’s extremely different this year because of COVID the last two years. Everything’s going back to normal which is very exciting,” Triglia said. 

   The band plans to complete the full show by homecoming and play at every game possible. Stay tuned for their homecoming show Oct. 8.