Halloween: to move it or not?

 A dilemma arises as students share their opinions on whether Halloween should be moved to the following Saturday or to leave the holiday to be celebrated on October 31. 

Tori Marjan- Staff Reporter 

As Halloween comes closer, the debate on whether or not it should be postponed to the last Saturday of October sparks up conversation again. Every Halloween, kids and teenagers dress up and go out or trick or treat, but this may become very inconvenient because it takes place on a weekday. Moving Halloween to the following Saturday would resolve problems, parents and teenagers deal with, when having a holiday on a weekday.  

Some say Halloween shouldn’t be moved at all for the inconvenience and the fact that it ruins all the spirit.  Moving Halloween would cause issues for some families who are not able to run their holiday during the weekend.

“I don’t think Halloween should be moved to the Saturday after because the whole reason everyone gets excited for the month of October is Halloween. If it was moved to November or the last Saturday of the month, the whole month would be pointless and no one would have spirit,” Ciara O’Shea (‘21) said. 

Moving Halloween’s date would make the holiday much safer, stress-free, and longer for others. Students with lots of homework wouldn’t need to stress about getting it all done after going out at night. Parents with work the next day would not have to worry about their kids as much either compared to if it were Saturday, they would be more aware of what is going on. This would create a much safer environment for parents and kids. 

“It should be moved because who wants to stay out at night celebrating Halloween just to wake up the next day and go to school or work? No one. It also would be a good idea because Sunday would be a nice recovery day to give people time to rest. Moving it would give a nice end to the month of October,” Sophia Jimenez (‘22) said. 

“I think Halloween should be moved to the last Saturday so I’d have school off the next day and be able to stay up without worrying about being behind on homework,” Nicholas Villicana (‘23) said. 

The debate on which side has the better points still stands as an online petition is still getting signed by those who want Halloween to be moved. If you’re interested in signing this petition you can go to : https://www.change.org/p/president-of-the-united-states-join-the-saturday-halloween-movement